So I did a thing

I really like the Recollections planners and the price point is amazing .. had my heart set on the Erin Condren neutral. Well,

I received an Email from EC with a coupon and decided to get what I really want … probably going to gift my Recollections planner .

Life lessons

I learned that I had to accept my parents for who they are and who they weren’t. I lost my dad when I was 18 and I idolized him . I later learned that he was an imperfect being .. as we all are and I started to put the pieces together as to some of the things that shaped my dad named Wilbur . My dad was the oldest of 24 children and he never liked leftovers. Well hell , I learned that they never HAD leftovers and often never had meat . My daddy didn’t like to wash dishes .. yes!!! I saw the plates stacked 4 feet high and later understood why . Saying alll this to say ., we have to give our parents grace .. for loving and raising us with what they were given.. thank you Betty & Wilbur .. more on Betty Nan later ..

My wild 45th bday!! 

Thank you all for the bday wishes🎉🎉🎉🎉 The turnup was real at Mc Donald’s for Bryce’s school ice cream social.. We got the hook up so fast at Target to get Cameron’s glasses fixed.. He asked me if there was a catch. Nope.. Good Insurance son!!! And the turnup was real in parking lot of First United Methodist Church because Bryce tried to wobble in the car ( hit his head )while studying his English words while we waited for Cameron at Fort Bend Boys Choir rehearsal.. This is my life.. My blessed life. Thanking the Lord for it!! 

The life I imagined

Over and over I see the sentiment” live the life you have always imagined” I have it up in my scrap room.. On a t shirt… But what does that really mean to me? I want to live but I need to reexamine what I imagined.. I have never believed in fairy tales,, my practical nature and upbringing never allowed for such foolishness..( I have tried to let me boys believe in fairy tales if not only for a minute).. So I guess seeing the sadness and anger .. I imagined a life of sadness and anger… Never imagining that the scripture can be made alive in my life., Christ died so,that I could live an abundant life…. Not a fairy tale life.. But a life with hope and love … So today, I’m reexamining…. The life I imagined..