Today I realized that I have strange behaviors that I’m just going to confess to:
1. i often will myself and forget to use my inside(inner voice) and happy when I have my blue tooth on my ear to cover..

2. Today I left the 14.99 tag on my new dress from Ross. Glad that there are people to say “miss, your tag is still on your dress.” I replied this morning when that happened his morning with… “I got a good deal didn’t I… And politely asked the school secretary at my sons new school to remove it for me!!

3. It’s hunting season and as my husband has a new hobby he shares his brother and cousins.. I’m looking forward to the time alone with my boys. Confession.. I hope to get a little guilt free scrap time in as well. so,
This weekend.. They are heading up to the country to cut weeds,thickets. paths.. Whatever it’s called. I call it the jungle… I call it.. Hello weekend:)