I got the call for my breast ultrasound while I was sitting across from my baby boy after his graduation.  


I lost all taste for salted caramel and knew I had to continue smiling .. It was his big day.. Honor roll student!  


He had his mommy and daddy there with him…. I tried to keep the thoughts of what if ..,at Bay.. We went home and played.. Took selfies and painted.. I couldn’t let the thoughts of what if.. Ruin my evening.. I unconsciously put on my evening sweats and my pink breast cancer t shirt. My husband would have thought it was and ode to the news of the day.. Had I not worn that tshirt weekly… So today,  I received a call for a repeat mammogram and ultrasound. I wanted to cry from the pain of having my left breast in a vise grip. But I knew it didn’t compare to the pain of a positive report. I was told that my ultrasound would be done today as well.. As a convenience of not having to return tomorrow.,  the ultrasound screen looked like a rendering of Mars with hills and craters.. I saw her measuring and tapping, measuring and tapping..  By the time the radiologist came in, I was holding my breath for news.. News that I knew would change my life. And I got it.. NOTHING FOUND ..,An ominous looking lymph node and follow up in a year. I had always hid  my puppies behind rounded neck shirts and capes.. I promised myself that if my results were negative.. I would shave my chest and show my bad boys off!!!