My happy planner

Happy planner week 1

Happy planner week 1

I purchased my Happy Planner and decided to google ‘Planner’!! OMG, I had no idea the planner world out there . Where have I been? I have always been a planner girl. Making my own with my Cinch.. Owning the ARC system from staples. The Instagram and Facebook groups have overwhelmed my feeds. Stickers are 5$ on Etsy.. No way Jose!! Ok . So I broke down and got a few that were 1.50$ .. But I used a 50% off coupon.. Have I lost my mind? Well, I hadn’t planned on that!!


I got the call for my breast ultrasound while I was sitting across from my baby boy after his graduation.  


I lost all taste for salted caramel and knew I had to continue smiling .. It was his big day.. Honor roll student!  


He had his mommy and daddy there with him…. I tried to keep the thoughts of what if ..,at Bay.. We went home and played.. Took selfies and painted.. I couldn’t let the thoughts of what if.. Ruin my evening.. I unconsciously put on my evening sweats and my pink breast cancer t shirt. My husband would have thought it was and ode to the news of the day.. Had I not worn that tshirt weekly… So today,  I received a call for a repeat mammogram and ultrasound. I wanted to cry from the pain of having my left breast in a vise grip. But I knew it didn’t compare to the pain of a positive report. I was told that my ultrasound would be done today as well.. As a convenience of not having to return tomorrow.,  the ultrasound screen looked like a rendering of Mars with hills and craters.. I saw her measuring and tapping, measuring and tapping..  By the time the radiologist came in, I was holding my breath for news.. News that I knew would change my life. And I got it.. NOTHING FOUND ..,An ominous looking lymph node and follow up in a year. I had always hid  my puppies behind rounded neck shirts and capes.. I promised myself that if my results were negative.. I would shave my chest and show my bad boys off!!! 

Pocket Letters

I’m preparing to send my first two pocket letters to my pals today. The process is similar in planning a scrapbook page.  My pals are newbies as well and we aren’t going with a theme. I’m excited about this as it is a gift but it also allows me to use my stash.. I have several collections that I will use as well as my willy nilly stash!! 

My base that was started with my American Crafts collection.  


It’s my mini haul 

New site RJ Avery got me hooked on. has excellent prices on spellbinders dies. They have other items, but I’m on a spellbinder bender right now!! One set, postage stamp, was sold out. 


Next mini haul was from Stamps of life.  I’m a stamp club and die hard member. The sizzix precision plate is to aid in my intricate die cutting. I haven’t mastered that yet.. The cross die and inspirational stamp set are a must have for my collection.  


No more Santa

My kids are complete opposites. Cameron is my dreamer and Bryce is my realist. thanksgiving day..Bryce asked us if the elf on the shelf was real?? He has also informed his dad and I that he no longer believes in Santa… What??? He is only 5!!! I am the first to laugh at Katt Williams when he says he doesn’t want his kids to believe that a man is coming down the chimney bringing gifts…BUT … it’s the magic and innocence of Christmas.. Not negating or diminishing the birth of our Lord and saviour… Life, becomes real….soon enough.. Just want him to remain my baby .. For as long as possible…